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    Get Trained by Actual Data Scientists Who Have Been There & Done That

    Our courses are taught by industry leaders with hands-on experience solving challenges at leading companies.

    Learn directly from experts who have built recommendation engines & fraud detection models, ensuring a comprehensive and practical curriculum that gives you an edge in real-world projects.

    Increase ROI While Getting Trained at the Same Time

    We focus on your ROI.

    We tailor our data science courses to your business goals, equipping your team to optimize marketing, streamline operations, and extract valuable insights. Our approach ensures your team gains skills that generate measurable, tangible results, making our data science training program unparalleled in delivering value.

    Train with Real-Live Data from Your Very Own Company

    Forget generic case studies!

    We use your company’s actual data for personalized learning. Build machine learning models from sales figures, customer behavior patterns, or website traffic.

    This hands-on approach deepens your understanding and equips you with immediately applicable skills, solving existing company-level problems “on-the-fly” for your business.

    On-going Support to Integrate Workflows, Post-Training

    Our course stands out with extensive post-training support. Benefit from consultations to address any challenges and get help integrating your new skills into your workflows.

    Our hands-on approach ensures you fully grasp concepts and see tangible results quickly. Build data pipelines and AI models with expert guidance, generating valuable insights right away.

    Upskill Your Team:
    In-House Training and
    Public Data Science Classes

    Whether you need a quick boost in digital transformation or a deep dive into data science, we offer both in-house training and public classes.
    Our training programs cover everything from data security and data mining to data cleaning and data integration.

    With the latest tools and business data science techniques, we equip professionals to master and leverage effective data analysis methods.

    Our on-site programs can be tailored to your organization’s needs, ranging from short courses to multi-day workshops on strategy and application.

    Start your organization’s journey to data excellence with us!

    It’s time to start investing in yourself

    Unlock the Power of Data with Data Science Training

    Data science is transforming businesses across Malaysia. Upskill your team with our data science training programs and unlock a range of benefits:

    • Optimize Operations: Analyze data to identify inefficiencies, streamline workflows, and reduce costs.
    • Predict Customer Behavior: Understand your customer base, personalize experiences and boost sales.
    • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Move beyond gut feelings and base critical choices on insights from data.
    • Mitigate Risk & Fraud: Identify potential issues and protect your business from financial threats.
    • Gain a Competitive Edge: Leverage data to differentiate yourself in the Malaysian market.


    To become a data scientist, you need a combination of formal education and practical training. This includes a solid understanding of statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Enrolling in our comprehensive data science training program can provide the necessary skills and knowledge. Choose from the following:

    Start by identifying reputable data science courses. Look for programs that offer hands-on projects, practical experience, and support from industry professionals. We offer various options, including an in-house data science training program, public classes and boot camps to get you started.
    Yes, you can teach yourself data science using online resources, free courses, and tutorials. However, our structured training programs can provide a more comprehensive and guided learning experience.

    Absolutely. Many of our data science courses for beginners are designed to take you from no knowledge to a level where you can work on real-world projects. Starting with beginner-friendly resources and gradually advancing your skills is key.

    Yes, you can. There are several free resources available online, including introductory courses and tutorials. However, for more comprehensive training and certification, you may want to invest in a paid data science course.
    Yes, many training programs are designed for individuals with no prior experience. Starting with our beginner-level data science course can help you build the foundational skills needed to enter the field.
    Our data science training program is taught by industry experts and includes hands-on projects using real company data. We offer personalized learning, post-training support, and a curriculum that is regularly updated to reflect current industry trends.

    Our data science course syllabus includes modules on data analysis, machine learning, statistical methods, data visualization, big data technologies, and practical projects. Detailed syllabus information can be found on our course page.

    Yes, Python is one of the most popular languages for data science due to its simplicity and the availability of powerful libraries. Our courses include extensive training in data science with Python.

    Learning data science offers the opportunity to learn in a vibrant tech community in Malaysia that has a growing demand for data science professionals. Our programs are tailored to meet local industry needs and include relevant case studies and projects.
    Start by enrolling in a reputable data science course in Malaysia. Gain practical experience through projects and internships, and network with professionals in the field.
    Our program is structured into three levels: foundational, intermediate, and advanced. Each level includes a mix of theoretical lessons and practical hands-on projects using real-world data.

    Yes, our data science course for beginners includes introductory Python programming essentials to help you get started with no prior experience required.

    Data science involves a broader scope, including data collection, cleaning, analysis, and machine learning. Data analytics focuses on analyzing existing data to draw insights. Our courses cover both areas to provide a well-rounded education.
    Yes, we offer tailored training in data science that uses your company’s data and focuses on your specific business goals. Our customized training ensures your team gains relevant and immediately applicable skills.
    Data science for beginners can be challenging, but our data science course syllabus is designed to make the learning process easier with foundational courses in statistics and Python programming.
    By completing our data science course online and passing the final assessments, you will receive an industry-recognized data science certification.