Mastering MLOps and AI Model Deployment

Duration: 2 days

This course provides you with the crucial skills and knowledge needed to master MLOps and AI model deployment. Move from theoretical concepts to practical application, covering the complete lifecycle from model development through to monitoring and maintenance. You’ll learn effective strategies for creating robust pipelines, ensuring seamless integration, and tackling key challenges such as scalability and governance.

Beyond this, you will also:

  • Become proficient in the MLOps lifecycle: from designing and developing to deploying and managing AI models in production.
  • Learn to Incorporate CI/CD practices for smooth model deployment.
  • Learn to address scalability, data drift, explainability, and security issues.
  • Discover frameworks and platforms for effective MLOps workflows.
  • Monitor and upkeep models: Ensure peak performance and ongoing enhancement.
  • Gain insights from successful MLOps implementations.

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