AI Discovers New Customer Segments That Results in 47.89% Increase in Occupancy Rate


  • Leverage AI to uncover hidden patterns in guest data that reveal entirely new customer segments with potential interest in your hotel.
  • Boost room fill rate: By understanding the preferences and booking behaviors of these segments, we can develop targeted marketing campaigns and offerings to attract them, ultimately increasing room occupancy and revenue.


  • Created an AI solution that processed a comprehensive dataset including guest demographics, booking history, preferences, booking channels. The AI will then identify and create distinct guest segments representing previously unseen groups with shared characteristics and booking tendencies.
  • Generate actionable insights: The AI will provide clear and actionable insights into the newly discovered segments, outlining their preferences, booking triggers, and potential value to the hotel.

Benefits / ROI ​

  • Hotel able to create targeted marketing campaigns and offerings that resonate with these groups, leading to 47.89% increased bookings and room occupancy.
  • By leveraging AI to discover hidden opportunities, the hotel can stay ahead of the curve by attracting new guest segments that competitors might be missing.